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Wellbeing General Items

Wellbeing General Items
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 4 Ball Shiatsu Heated Cushion with Brown -Green-Pink Plush Cover
Product Features:   2 rotating motors drive 4 Shiatsu balls for an invigorating ..
 Behind the Ear Medically Approved Hearing Amplifier
  Product Features: Tiny hearing amplifier that hides behind the ear Helps..
 Home Safety Alert mark ll (without mains adapter)
  Product Description:   A wireless calling alarm system with one main rece..
 Inflatable Neck Traction Device
    Product Description:   Get professional neck traction and stre..
 Lifemax Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock
  Product Description:   The Lifemax Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock all..
 Pedi-Cure for Tough Nails
  Product Description:   Simple to use, portable machine that offers a litt..
 SAD Therapy Light - Class Ila Medical Device
  Product Description:   Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the medical n..
Graphical BP Monitor Arm
  Product Description:   A new breakthrough in blood pressure monitor desig..
Lifemax  Arm BP Monitor with WHO indication
    Product Description: Keep a check on that vital blood pressure with thi..
Lifemax 1222 Graphical BP Monitor Arm
  Product Features: A new breakthrough in blood pressure monitor design. Shows th..
Lifemax 2-way Neck & Back Massager 1195
  Product Description: The LifeMax 2-Way Neck & Back Massager is designed to be ..
Lifemax 665 Safety Beam Border Patrol Safety Alarm
  Product Features:   An electronic entrance-monitoring device, which creat..
Lifemax Auto Dial Panic Alarm
  Product Description: A great safety product for the disabled or elderly living ..
Lifemax Cold Sore Beam
  Product Description:   The Lifemax Cold Sore Beam is a medically approved..
Lifemax Diet Monitor
  Product Description:   Organising your healthy diet couldn't be easier wi..
Lifemax Emergency SOS Phone with two way speech panic button
  Product Description:   The Lifemax SOS Emergency Phone is big button tele..
Lifemax Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  Product Description:   Here at Lifemax we feel no medicine cabinet should..
Lifemax Graphical BP Monitor Wrist
  Product Description:   High blood pressure usually has no obvious symptom..
Lifemax Home Care Alert Alarm and Wireless Doorbell
  Product Description:   home needs a little care this doorbell has an extr..
Lifemax Home Safety Alert mark ll ( adapter) ONLY
  Product Description:   The Lifemax Mains Adapter for the 672.2 Home Safet..
Lifemax Infrared Massage Hair Brush
    Product Description: Uses infrared light and heat together with vibrati..
Lifemax Nano UV Disinfection Light Scanner
  Product Description:   A compact size disinfection light that uses Nano-U..
Lifemax Soothing Sounds Mood Light
Product Description:   Relax to the sounds of nature and mood lighting with the spec..
Lifemax Test Strips
  Product Description: Additional test strips for use with the Cholesterol Monitorin..
Lifemax Test Strips 202GS
    Product Description: Professional, medically approved blood cholesterol..