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LP Knee Stabiliser Support Brace Adjustable Strap
Product Features: - Provides an equal compression to the injured or recover..
LP Knee Stabiliser w/elastic straps Open Patella Neoprene Brace
  Product Features: Adjustable strap provides extra compression to the patellar ..
LP Knee Support Arthritis Pain Brace Sports Injury
Product Features: - Y Pattern Magic Power Band preserves energy consu..
LP Knee Support Closed Patella Arthritis Pain Relief Brace
  Product Features: Breathable material provides comfortable compression a..
LP Knee Support Patella Stabiliser
Product Features: For prevention of patellar tendinitis and subluxation. Firm buttr..
LP Knee Wrap Sports Adjustable Support Control Strap Stabilising Belt Physio
  Product Features: - LP Wraps is made of a unique “space age” material. Ex..
LP Laced Ankle Support Brace  Foot Care Neoperene Wrap
Product Features: Helps prevent ankle sprains, strains inversion and injuries. ..
LP Lifting Belt Back Support Weight Lifting Back Belt
Product Features: Made with high-density foam laminated with nylon outside and felt ..
LP Magnetic Back Support Pain Relief Backache Waist Belt
Product Features: For rehabilitation after back surgery and relief of back pain.  ..
LP Max Taping team protection
  Product Feature: Following an injury, proper application of MAXTAPING® A+, in ..
LP MAX Wrap Ankle Support Brace Compression Strap
  Product Features: - LP® MaxWrap® can be applied so that the support/compr..
LP Max wrap Hand Elbow Patella Support Brace Comfort
Product Features: ·        Provides localized support ..
LP MAX Wrist Care Wrap Support Bandage Brace Compression
  Product Features: Strong non-tear fabric. Easy to use and apply. M..
LP Open Knee Support Arthritis Compression Brace
  Product Features: - Additional 1/8" o..
LP Polycentric Rehab Stabiliser Brace  Guard Pain
  Product Features: Polycentric hinges with pin-stops for custom range of motion..
LP Professional Knee Support Strap Brace Max Dual Patella Support
  Product Features: The innovative compression system provides optimal compressi..
LP Professional Wrist Support Thumb Spica Splint Medical Brace
Product Features: - Aluminium splint for partial immobilization of thu..
LP Shin / Calf Comfort Wrap Support Adjustable Strap Injury Care
Product Features: - Unique Velcro design fits most calf sizes. ..
LP Shin Wrap Support Brace Control Strap Adjustable Compression
    Product Features: Soft, breathable material for superior comfort. ..
LP Shoulder Suppor Injury Arthritis Sport Gym Pain
  Product Features: - Velcro closure fo..
LP Shoulder Support Injury Arthritis Sport Brace Pain
Product Features: - Provides protection, heat and support for the shou..
LP Shoulders Comfortable Double Support Injury Gym Pain Relief
Product Features: - Velcro closure for pulling on and off easily. ..
LP Silicone Elbow Support Arthritis Relief
Product Features: - Arrow Pattern Magic Power Band which aligns poste..
LP Support Extreme Wrist Wrap Gym Weight Lifting Strap Wrap Sprain Pain
Product Features: Helps relieve pain through pressure on injured wrist. Prov..
LP Supports Active Elastic Jock Strap Athletic Support
  Product Features: - A durable, comfort support ..